China York & Hercules the Liger
Both China York and Hercules the liger live at Myrtle Beach Safari, South Carolina, USA. China York is an experienced liger expert and animal trainer and she is associated with Hercules the liger with at least 12 years as of 2015.

Liger Hercules - Pictures and Photos
Liger Hercules Pictures and Photos include Ė Liger Hercules Sitting on a Stool, Liger Hercules Walking, Liger Hercules Standing Upright, Liger Hercules Dr. Bhagavan Antle, Liger Hercules with Rajani Ferrante, Liger Hercules with Moksha Bybee.

Liger Hercules Speed - 60 Miles Per Hour
Hercules the liger has a top speed of 60 miles per hour while running. Hercules the liger can only maintain 60 miles per hour speed during the short bursts and few seconds only. Hercules the liger has longer legs and longer back which helps Hercules to have bigger jumps and leaps while running. Ultimately the speed of Hercules the Liger easily reaches 60 miles per hour.

Liger Hercules at Miami Florida
Hercules the Liger Lives at Miami in Parrot Jungle Island. Hercules only lives in Miami during winter season. Miami is also the birthplace of Hercules the liger. Hercules is very popular big cat at Miami and people come from all the places of Miami to take its photographs at the Jungle Island.

Liger Hercules Size and Weight of 900 Pounds
The Size and Weight of Hercules the Liger has been around 900 Pounds throughout years of its adult life. | Hercules the Liger Does not Keep on Growing | Hercules the liger has a Balanced Diet | Growth and Weight Limit for Hercules the Liger |

Hercules the Liger at National Geographic
Hercules the Liger has Appeared on National Geographic Channel on many occasions | At National Geographic his core physical features weight, height, health, and background history was mentioned | Dr. Bhagavan Antle also shared his own experiences with Ligers as well |

Hercules the Liger Visited London during 2010
Liger Hercules Visited London during 2010 | Hercules was the First Liger to Visit London and UK for Centuries | The liger also had a Photo Shootout at Abbey Road with Beatles Song Portrait and also along with the Double Decker Bus | Hercules the liger gained huge popularity and Criticism as well on its visit to London |

Hercules the Liger Jumps more than 40 Feet Long
The Leaping Jump of Hercules the liger is more than 40 feet. The structure of Hercules the liger allows it to have that much bigger leaping jump which is biggest among all the big cats.

Hercules the Liger at King Richards Faire
Hercules the liger regularly appears at King Richards Faire Event and Festival for the last more than ten years. Hercules appears at Tales of the Tigers Segment of King Richardís Faire in which Hercules the liger walks, sits, eats and grabs meat at King Richardís Faire.

Is Liger Hercules Sterile?
Hercules the Liger is not sterile. No Liger in the World is Sterile. Thatís what Liger Expert Dr. Bhagavan Antle Believes about Ligers. Female Ligers successfully breed with tigers and lions.

Liger Hercules Health - The Healthiest and Fittest Liger
Hercules the liger is the Healthiest Liger in the World | Despite Many Health Rumors, the Health of Hercules the Liger is very Stable throughout its entire life | Even National Geographic and Animal Experts have rated him as a fittest Liger |

Liger Hercules in Guinness Book of World Records
Hercules the liger has appeared within Guinness Book of World Records during 2010 and 2014. This is a great achievement for Hercules the Liger. He has also made a lot of other records as well and Dr. Bhagvan Antle is very much proud of such an achievement from Hercules the Liger.

Liger Hercules and its Head Size
Hercules the liger has a huge head which is around 18 inches (1.5 feet) long. Head of Hercules the liger is as big as the shoulders of a man. Head size of Hercules the liger is more than twice bigger than the heads of Tigers and lions and even 6 times bigger than that of the Cheetah. This huge head size also allows Hercules the liger to have a powerful bite power as that of the Hyenas. Bigger head also means that Hercules the liger has a strong brain power as well.

Liger Hercules and Moksha Bybee
Moksha Bybee has been one of the key persons very close to Hercules the liger. She has made appearance with Hercules the liger at Guiness Book of World Records 2014. Moksha Bybee is a Liger Expert and has about more than 15 years of experience with ligers and other Big Cats.

Liger Hercules Growth Rate (Birth to Maturity)
Liger Hercules - Growth Rate of 1 Pound Per day on Average | Hercules Grew 900 Pounds in 3 Years | Normal Growth Rate through a Normal Food Consumption | Female Ligers have lower Growth Rate |

Liger Hercules Food Consumption and Eating Habits
Hercules the Liger Eats (Consumes) 30 Pounds of Meat in a Single Day within a Single Sitting | Hercules also drinks one Gallon of water per Day | Hercules is the biggest Meat Consuming Carnivore in the world | Yet Still Hercules is Non-obese and Healthy living Liger |

Liger Hercules and Dr. Bhagavan Antle
Dr. BhagvanAntle has raised Hercules the liger since it was a small liger cub. Dr. Bhagvan Antle is not only the master but also holds parental relation with Hercules the liger. Dr. Bhagvan Antle is very caring with Hercules the liger regarding its diet and behavioral growth.

Liger Hercules Loves Traveling
Hercules the liger loves to travel | Hercules has been to London on its international adventure |During its seasonal Migration during the year it switches places in between South Carolina and Carver (Massachusetts) | Loves to Listen Music during Travel | Hercules is surely a very easy going Liger |

Liger Hercules Siblings and Brothers
Hercules the Liger has four brothers including Zeus, Sinbad and Vulcan the liger from the same litter while it also has one more brother named as Aries the liger which was born latterly with same parents. All the ligers are still alive as of 2014.

Liger Hercules & Rajani Ferrante
Rajani Ferrante has been a real Caretaker of Hercules the liger | Rajani Ferrante has Raised Hercules the liger Since it was a Small Cub | Took Hercules the liger to London | Demonstrates its special physical features |

Liger Hercules Drinks 1 Gallon of Water Per Day
Hercules the liger drinks about 1 Gallon of water per day which is about 3.8 liters. Hercules the liger is the only big cat in the world to consume that much about water in a single day.

Liger Hercules Age (10+ Years)
The current estimated age of Hercules the liger is around 10 years. This is based upon collected evidence and fact which shows Hercules the liger participating in different past events. However; we believe that Hercules the liger is well more than 10 years old. Critics believe that Ligers do not live long, however; Hercules the liger has lived up to the mark and we hope he will continue to do so.

Hercules the Liger is 11 (Eleven) Feet Long
Hercules the liger is 11 (Eleven) feet long. Having this length of 11 feet Hercules the liger is the longest big cat and longest carnivore mammal living on planet Earth. Being 11 feet long also allows Hercules the liger to run fast, to be powerful and to gain more weight as well. Hercules the liger can easily jump 30 feet, and it is all because of its length of 11 feet.

Liger Hercules as Brand Ambassador
Hercules the liger is also a brand ambassador for all the big cats in the world. Being a Brand Ambassador Hercules the liger has contributed for the big cat preservation, promotion, Financial Aid, Assistance and even Donations as well.

Hercules the Liger is 6 (Six) Feet Tall
Hercules the Liger is almost Six (6) feet tall (400 Centimeters or 1.8 Meters). Hercules is taller 6 feet when it is standing on the ground on its all four feet and this height is calculated from ground to the tips of its ears.

Hercules the Liger Weighs 900 Pounds
Liger Hercules weighs 900 Pounds and this weight is more than twice the weight of its parents which include lion and tiger. Hercules the liger is not obese or overweight with 900 pounds, but rather it is rather fully active.