Liger Hercules Loves Traveling

Hercules the liger loves to travel and visit places whenever & wherever possible. Whether it is a local visit, or countrywide visit or even an international visit Hercules the liger is always ever ready to travel with a greatest excitement. While traveling of course, it always wants the company of its master Dr. Bhagavan Antle and its team, plus its closest big cat mates as well. Moreover; he also loves to meet a lot of people and switching couple of places. Furthermore; Hercules the liger loves new places and new adventures. Therefore; traveling is his favorite hobby.

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Liger Hercules loves traveling.
Hercules the liger is a great fond of traveling. He loves to have a new adventure and remains very calm within the presence of new people. This picture belongs to 

Even one of the traveling event of Hercules the liger is also marked as a huge global buzz around the world, when Hercules the liger visited London. It was also one of the very rarest occasions in the world when a liger has travelled internationally. Upon visiting London Hercules the liger was at Londonís Abbey Road and had couple of photographs just like Beatles 1960s Jazz Music Theme at the Abbey Road. He also had his photographs at London Underground and also displayed his gigantic appearance along with Londonís Double Decker Bus as well. Moreover; he also had his photographs with Londonís Classic Black Cabs as well. Truly it was an amazing adventurous trip for Hercules the liger for being in London.

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Liger Hercules Traveled London Abbey Road.
Hercules the liger traveled London at Abbey Road during the year 2010. This picture belongs to 

Apart from visiting London (United Kingdom), Hercules the liger also made a lot of seasonal trips to various places within United States. He lives in South Carolina, but once a year Hercules the liger also moves to Carver Massachusetts as well. At Carver; Hercules the liger becomes the part of King Richardís Faire, where he participates at the event of ďTale of the TigersĒ. This is the most visited and participated event by Hercules the liger, and within this event he comes in front of the large open crowd at a big stage.

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Liger Hercules travels to Massachusetts for a participation at King Richards Faire Event.
Hercules the Liger regularly travels to Massachusetts, where he participates at King Richards Faire Event. This picture belongs to 

A very interesting thing that can be easily associated with Hercules the liger is his love for music on its way to travel. Even though it stays calm on traveling, and does resting, but he loves to listen to the Jazz Music during Traveling. This was revealed by one of the caretakers of Hercules the Liger ďRajani FerranteĒ. She has also revealed in one of the documentaries, that when once they just changed the music with some different tone, they just started to show their discomfort to that change of music. And as soon as they changed the music back to Jazz they were all of a sudden relaxed and calm again.

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Hercules the liger loves Jazz Music while traveling.
Hercules the liger loves Jazz Music while traveling to different places. Hercules the liger preferably likes Jazz Music. This picture belongs to 

It is very important to note that Big Cats and traveling are not a very good combination at all. In many cases, the authorities have to sedate a big cat in order to switch them from one place to another. They even get screwed up, when they have to be transferred to a truck or any other automobile. Hercules on the other hand is very calm and adjustable to the new situations, and his owners donít have to sedate him at all as Hercules is such an easy going liger. According to Dr. Bhagavan Antle, Hercules has a very mild and calm personality. Hercules is less aggressive and more explorative which makes him and his team to manage Hercules the liger very easily during traveling.

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Hercules the liger is very peaceful and calm while traveling.
Hercules the liger remains very peaceful while traveling. This picture belongs to 

Truly Hercules the liger is fun and adventure loving big cat. This is an awesome finding to be explored and Full Credits to Dr. Bhagvan Antle to explore such characteristics of Ligers. But does all ligers love to travel or is it Hercules the liger that loves to travel? Or is it the training ability of Dr. Bhagavan Antle and his team that makes such a huge liger as a very calm and adaptive cat? These are some of the queries that are yet to be explored about ligers but final words about Hercules the liger conclude that he is a great fond of traveling without any second thought.

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Liger Hercules travels with Dr. Bhagavan Antle.
Whenever Hercules the liger travels, Dr. Bhagavan Antle is always with him. This picture belongs to