Liger Hercules & Rajani Ferrante

Hercules the liger has been raised by Rajane Ferrante. Even though Dr. Bhagavan Antle has been considered as the Owner and the Master of Hercules the liger, but Rajani Ferrante has been the one who has been personally a very close caretaker of Hercules the liger ever since he and his brothers Zeus, Vulcan and Sinbad are born (Same litter of Cubs). Rajani Ferrante recalls the awesome life of Hercules the liger and its other brothers when they were just small cute and Cuddly Cubs and states that it has been one of the most exciting and awesome experience for her to be with them from that time indeed.

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Hercules the liger with Rajani Ferrante when it was a small cub.
Rajani Ferrante has been very close to Hercules the liger, when it was a small cub. In the above picture the young liger is Hercules the liger, while the woman is indeed Rajani Ferrante. This picture belongs to 

Rajani Ferrante has also been one of the real trainer for Hercules the liger. Hercules considers Rajani Ferrante equivalent to its closest guardian (mom). Hercules also has a great love and respect for Rajani Ferrante. When asked to Rajani Ferrante that, if he has ever been scared of Hercules the liger as he has grown up too much huge? Her answer was very calm and simple; that she never felt threatened or scared from Hercules. She was of the opinion that jumping from an airplane will be definitely scary but getting scared from Hercules the liger is not even within her imagination. She considers Hercules the liger as one of her own, and Hercules the liger also considers the same as well.

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Rajani Ferrante never felt scared or afraid of Hercules the liger.
Rajani Ferrante claims that she never felt scared or afraid of Hercules the liger. This picture belongs to 

One can always see Rajani Ferrante walking with Hercules the liger and talking with him at the animal sanctuary whenever; Hercules is cut loose at the animal sanctuary to roam freely around. This is certainly a clear indicator of their close bonding with one another. Rajani Ferrante also loves to enjoy swimming with Hercules the liger. Hercules the liger loves to swim. Hercules loves the water (Ligers love water like tigers), and especially he is more happy if he is enjoying swimming with his closest guardian Rajani Ferrante. Rajani Ferrante is also responsible for healthcare and diet-caring of Hercules the liger as well. She often casually loves to feed Hercules the liger.

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Liger Hercules its brother with Rajani Ferrante who is feeding them on milk.
Picture of Hercules the liger and its brother Vulcan the liger with Rajani Ferrante. Rajani Ferrante is feeding milk to Hercules the liger. Ligers and all the other big cats love to have milk. This picture belongs to 

Did you ever have a lion ride? Tiger Ride? or any other big cat Ride? What if you would have been asked to ride on the back of the biggest of the big cats? Next up information truly highlights these queries, as Rajani Ferrante has been one of the very few and very luckiest individuals in the world to have a ride of Hercules the Liger. She has such a close relationship with Hercules the liger that Hercules loves her to give a ride without showing any signs of discomfort. Rajani Ferrante has a very memorable picture saved as well.

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Rajani Ferrante riding on the back of Hercules the liger.
Rajani Ferrante can easily have a liger ride by sitting on the back of Hercules the liger. This picture belongs to 

At South Carolina Animal Sanctuary, where Hercules lives, each year a lot of people come to the Animal Sanctuary to meet Hercules. Rajani Ferrante is the key representative of the ligers (More Specifically Hercules the Liger), and she is the one who answers about each and every query about Hercules the liger. In Short - Rajani Ferrante describes various characteristics of Hercules the liger, and also let visitors understand the importance of the ligers to the other big cats as well. Apart from demonstration activities about Hercules the liger, she even empowers Hercules the liger to be part of various healthy activities at the animal sanctuary e.g., Running, Climbing, Ramp Walking in Crowd etc.

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Rajani Ferrante Demonstrating Information about Hercules the liger.
Picture of Rajani Ferrante giving demonstration and information about Hercules the liger to the general public. This picture belongs to 

Rajani Ferrante was also with Hercules the liger when Hercules the liger visited London in 2010. She had a very famous photograph with her in which she is sitting beside Hercules the liger on the Abbey Road of London. Moreover; in London she also guided Hercules the liger to London Underground, London Cab, and on to the Double Decker London Bus as well. She recalls that traveling as one of the best experienced she ever had with Hercules the liger. Hercules the liger was very calm and peaceful throughout the tour and also truly enjoyed its London visit.

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Liger Hercules at London Abbey Road along with Rajani Ferrante.
Hercules the liger at London's Abbey Road along with Rajani Ferrante. Hercules was very happy and remained peaceful throughout the tour. This picture belongs to 

Rajani Ferrante is a great Animal Caretaker and Animal Expert. Living with Big cats is her specialty. She has an experience of more than 15 years with the big cats, while at the same time she has been a great researcher and observer of the Big Cats. She has personally raised about 6 to 8 ligers. All of these ligers are alive and four of them are already mentioned in this article and one very famous one of them is Hercules the liger. Apart from Big Cats Rajani Ferrante has also raised a lot of other animals at the South Carolina Animal Sanctuary as well. She has a great animal interaction profile, and her each and every work is truly marked with greater excellence.

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Rajani Ferrante has experience of more than 10 years with Hercules and more than 15 years with other big cats.
Rajani Ferrante is Hercules the liger for about 10 years and she has a big experience of 15 years with big cats as well. This picture belongs to