Liger Hercules Age (10+ Years)

The Estimated age of Hercules the liger is believed to be more than 10 years old as of December 2013. This age is based upon different events in which Hercules the liger has participated. And online events dating back to 2003 suggest the existence of Hercules the liger, which strongly suggests that Hercules the liger is more than 10 years old. Moreover; Photographs taken about Hercules the liger in between 2000 and 2003 also strongly suggest that Hercules the liger is more than 10 years old. However; we can also provide an assumed age bracket of around 10 to 13 years for Hercules the liger with the help of the above mentioned evidence about Hercules appearance within photographs etc.

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Hercules the liger age is 10 years.
A Happy looking Hercules the liger with full of adorable expressions. Hercules the liger is more than 10 years old. This picture belongs to 

The exact date of birth of Hercules the liger is not known and it is never shared online. Dr. Bhagavan Antle who mostly demonstrate about the special features of Hercules the liger, has never mentioned his age so far in any interview. Perhaps he may have not being asked about the age. But throughout the years, several appearances of Hercules the liger at various past events can give a very valid estimate about the age of Hercules the liger. This is currently done in the present scenario for Hercules the liger.

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Ten Years old age of Hercules the liger is based upon its participation in the past events.
The Ten years old age of Hercules the liger is specifically based upon its past participation and events. This picture belongs to 

It should also be noted that by just estimating the age of Hercules the liger we are also estimating the ages of the other ligers which are the brothers of Hercules the liger from the same litter (Born at the same time along with Hercules the liger). These ligers include Vulcan the liger, Sinbad the liger, and Zeus the liger. All the other brothers of Hercules the liger are still alive and their ages may also reach well above 10 years old along with Hercules the liger. Just like the scenario of Hercules the liger, the real ages of these other ligers are also not disclosed yet at any public source of information.

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Liger Hercules Brothers' ages are same like that of Hercules the liger.
Brothers' ages of Hercules the liger is same like that of liger Hercules. This picture belongs to 

If Hercules the liger is more than 10 years old, it is a very reasonable age for a liger and even for any big cat with such a high profile. Since the average estimated age of the big cats at animal sanctuaries is around 10 to 15 years and Hercules and its brothers have just reached this age, so this fact strongly indicates that ligers have a normal age span just like its parents (Lions and tigers). The highest recorded age for a female liger is 24 years and for a male liger is around 19 years. All of these ages are recorded within United States. We hope that Hercules and its brother live more than this highest age as they are one of the most adorable and amazing creatures living on planet earth.

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Hercules the liger has a very Natural and Healthy Age.
Hercules the liger has gained a very natural and healthy age in comparison to any other big cat. This picture belongs to  

Critics on the other hand strongly believe that ligers do not live a long life. According to them, ligers die very young and even at the time of births as well. However; if they go through the lifestyle of Hercules the liger plus its brothers and look at their age, their assumptions will prove out to be absolutely wrong. It is also observed that the survival rate of liger cubs and young ligers is exactly same as the survival rate of the tiger cubs and lion cubs. Therefore; this criticism is absolutely vague, rubbish and unrealistic that ligers do not live as long as lions and tigers. Many ligers have lived a very long life, which is enough to un-prove any wrong assumptions about ligers in general.

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Liger Hercules has proved all the critics wrong who say that ligers have a short lifespan.
Critics are of the Opinion that ligers live a very short lifespan, however; Hercules has truly proved them wrong. This picture belongs to 

Hercules is still a very healthy liger. He is well managed by the authorities and its caretakers. We hope Hercules the liger will continue to remain healthy and live a long life. Throughout its lifespan, no evidence has been recorded that Hercules and its brother ligers have gone through any kind of a health issue. Therefore; ligers live normally, and there is no relationship in between the health issues and their lesser age for ligers.

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Hercules the liger has gained a very Healthy Age lifespan.
Hercules the liger has gained a very Healthy lifespan in terms of its age. The same is true about its brothers as well. This picture belongs to