Hercules the Liger at King Richards Faire

Hercules the liger regularly participates at King Richardís Faire event. Hercules has been participating at King Richardís Faire for more than a decade. Each year thousands of visitors come from all around the world visit King Richardsí Faire and also get amazed by worldís biggest Cat i.e., Hercules the Liger. King Richard Faire is a traditional event and people wear traditional costumes in this event, while animals like big cats just participate as one segment of this event. Hercules the liger has been participating at this event when it was a small cub along with its other brother ligers.

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Liger Hercules appears at King Richards Faire.
Hercules the liger regularly appears within King Richards Faire event at United States. Photo Courtesy of 

Hercules the liger appears at Tale of the Tigers Segment which is a small show at King Richardís Faire. Usually many different kind of big cats appear within this segment. About more than 10 different species of big cats e.g., lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, cougars, panthers, Jaguars and ligers etc. participate within this event. These animals are also categorized according to their ages as well. For example a baby liger may also appear while its parents might appear earlier or later as well to show the resemblance and share the knowledge about the big cats. Among all these big cats, in the end of the day, it is the biggest cat Hercules the Liger that makes a huge impact at the Tales of the Tiger Segment.

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Liger Hercules appears at Tales of the Tiger event at King Richards Faire.
Hercules the liger participates at the Tales of the Tiger event at King Richard Faire. This picture belongs to 

While entering at tale of the tigers, Hercules the liger first walks around the large wooden stage. The presenters at the show tell about different physical attributes of Hercules the liger and share some of its favorite and unique stuffs. People find it very interesting indeed to learn about Hercules the liger. Usually a babyís feeder filled with milk is all the time carried by one of the caretaker of Hercules the liger. Even though this size of feeder is nothing for Hercules the liger, but according to the authorities at King Richardís Faire and at Jungle Island, this feeder allows liger to keep busy and stops thinking about any aggressive thinking. Since it becomes a kind of public event, therefore; any aggression by such a massive big cat might prove out to be highly counter-productive indeed.

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Liger Hercules feeding on Milk through a feeder at King Richards Faire.
Hercules the liger feeding on milk through a feeder at King Richrad Faire. China York is an animal trainer who is feeding Hercules the liger on milk. This picture belongs to 

After walking Hercules the liger at King Richardís Faire is allowed to sit on a huge wooden stool. At that moment, many photographers just come forward and take oodles of snaps about Hercules the Liger. Dr. Bhagvan Antle shares very interesting facts about Hercules the liger and even talks with Hercules the Liger as well. This interactive session with a liger, really amuses people and the response of Hercules the liger is one of the best experiences to enjoy at the King Richardís Faire. Liger is allowed to sit, stand and even change positions on the stand to have as many poses as possible for many photographs.

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Hercules the liger sitting on a wooden floor at King Richards Faire.
Hercules the liger sitting on a wooden floor, during the event of King Richards Faire. Photo Courtesy of 

At the Final moments Hercules the Liger is also set to grab meat from a certain height of about 13 feet. A part of the meat is attached with pointed end of the stick and the liger is motivated to move upwards to grab the meat. Everyone at King Richardís Faire witnesses this tamed behavior of Hercules the liger and it very gently and slowly grabs and eats the meat. Along with Dr. Bhagvan Antle, China York and Moksha Bybee are regular participants that appear within Tale of the tigers.

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Hercules the Liger eating piece of meat attached on a pointed stick.
Hercules the Liger eating piece of meat at the event of King Richards Faire in United States. Photo Courtesy of