Hercules the Liger

Hercules the liger is the biggest Liger in the world. Hercules the liger is not only the biggest Liger, but also among the biggest Big Cat species in the world. Since Hercules is a liger, it means that it is a hybrid big cat. It also means that its father was a male African Lion (named Arthur the Lion) and his mother is a female Bengal tigress. Hercules is one of the very few ligers in the world that are born in the captivity these days. Only United States, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, India, China, Indonesia, Italy, Germany, Taiwan, and Mexico are such countries, where ligers have been reported in captivity.

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Liger Hercules - The Biggest Cat in the World.
Hercules the Liger - The Biggest of Big Cats weighing more than 900 pounds, lives in United States of America. Photo Courtesy  

The weight of Hercules the liger is more than 900 pounds (922 Pounds as of 2013) which is almost 430 kilograms or 65+ Stones. Hercules has gained this weight since it was 4 years old, and even after the age of 10 years Hercules the liger still weighs more than 900 pounds. Moreover; this weight of more than 900 pounds allows Hercules the liger to be even heavier than its parents whose combined weight is almost 800 pounds. Being 900 pounds heavier, Hercules is very active and non-obese big cat. Moreover; being 900 pounds heavier, Hercules the liger is also the biggest carnivore mammal in the world as well.

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Liger Hercules weighs 900 Pounds.
Hercules the liger weighs 430 Kg which is equal to 922 Pounds or 65 Stones. This picture belongs to 

Hercules the liger is as tall as Six Feet in terms of its height. This height is specifically measured from ground to the top tip of its ears; when Hercules the liger is standing with all 4 legs on its ground. Being s Six Feet tall also means that Hercules the liger is the tallest big cat in the world, as the height of Hercules the liger is unmatchable by any other mammal species living on Planet Earth. You can see the combine pictures of Hercules the liger with its trainers e.g., Dr. Bhagvan Antle, Rajani Ferrante, Moksha Bybee and China York and watch Hercules being as higher as the foreheads of its trainer, clearly indicating its height to be around 6 feet.

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Hercules the Liger is 6 (Six) Feet Tall.
Hercules the liger is as tall as almost 6 feet, when it stands on its four feet from ground to the top tip of its ears. This picture belongs to  

In terms of its length, Hercules the liger is as long as 11 feet. This is a very long length for a big cat and surely Hercules the liger holds the biggest record in the world to be the longest cat in the world. Moreover; Hercules the liger is the longest carnivore mammal in the world, as no other carnivore mammals are as long as 11 feet. Ligers usually inherit their length from their mothers which are female tigers or tigresses, and Hercules the liger has done exactly like that, he has inherited its length traits from its mother and grew up as long as 11 feet. This length of 11 feet fully allows Hercules the liger to be a very powerful big cat. Not only this, being 11 feet long also allows Hercules the liger to gain more weight and run faster as well. Hercules the liger can easily jump around 30 (thirty) to 40 (forty) feet, which is exceptionally amazing for a big cat.

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Hercules the liger is Eleven feet long which allows it to gain more weight.
Hercules the liger is as long as eleven feet. Hercules has inherited this characteristic from its mother (tigress). Tigers are believed to be more longer than lions and can gain a length of 9 feet as well. 

The age of Hercules the liger is around 10 years. This is an estimated age based upon the evidence of past events where Hercules the liger has participated. No one knows the exact age of Hercules the liger. Hercules the liger has thus far achieved a very healthy age and his age is a big question mark for the critics who believe that Ligers die young and they do not live long. Hercules the liger will live and following the same lifespan as that of its parents.

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Hercules the Liger is 10 Years Old. Age of Hercules the Liger.
Hercules the liger is more than 10 years old. His age is a key indicator for ligers, as some people have rumored wrongly that they live less. This picture belongs to 

Hercules the liger also has 3 more brothers from the same litter and 1 brother from another litter. Altogether Hercules the liger has 4 more brothers all of whom are alive. Among all of these brothers Aries the liger is the smallest one in terms of age and Hercules the liger is the biggest one in terms of its weight and size. All the liger sibling brothers live separately from one another in different cities and they do occasionally meet one another and enjoy a peaceful time together. Very strangely Hercules the liger has no sisters. None of these male ligers have ever reproduced which strongly suggests their sterility; however; this is subject to a big debate with non-conclusive results. Hercules the liger live with female tigers and so does the other ligers as well.

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Hercules the Liger has 4 Siblings.
Hercules the liger has 4 more siblings out of which 3 siblings are from the same litter. This picture belongs to  

Hercules the liger eats about 30 Pounds of Meat in a Single Sitting on a Single day. Since lions and tigers and all the big cats prefer to sleep a lot, therefore; they are given only a single meal per day. Moreover; Hercules the liger consumes about 1 gallon of water in a single day. Surely if a liger is eating a lot it further means that it should be requiring a lot of water as well, and same is the demand and requirement of Hercules the liger. Being a consumer of 30 Pounds of Meat, Hercules the liger is also the biggest meat consuming cat in the world and most probably the largest meat consuming carnivore animal as well. So Hercules the liger keeps on making a lot of records like his owner Dr. Bhagavan Antle always say!

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Hercules the liger consumes 100 Pounds of meat food per day.
Hercules the liger can consume a food of around 100 Pounds per day but his master has put Hercules the liger on a normal food consumption plan of 30 pounds per day. This picture belongs to 

The average growth of Hercules the liger is one pound per day. This is a very massive growth rate, as lions and tigers do not match this growth rate anytime during their lifecycle. Hercules the liger grew 900 pounds within 3 years. Liger cubs however; have less than 1 pound per day growth, however; juvenile ligers have greater than 1 pound of per day growth. On reaching the age of 3 years, a ligerís weight growth stops, in fact is overall growth stops as well to a certain extent. These observations are based upon the growth rate of Hercules the liger, and any other male liger might have more or less than this growth rate as well. It should also be noted that female ligers do not match the growth rate of the male ligers.

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Growth Rate of Hercules the liger. Hercules the liger Grew 1 Pound per day when it was a small cub.
Hercules the liger had a growth rate of 1 pound per day when it was a small cub. This picture of Hercules the liger belongs to 

Hercules the liger is the only liger in the world to make his appearance within Guinness Book of World Records. Not for just once but it is twice that Hercules the Liger has made his appearance within Guinness Book of World Records. His master Dr. Bhagvan Antle is very much proud of Hercules the liger for his this greatest achievement, however; he is of the opinion that Hercules has not only made a single record of being the heaviest liger in the world but also many other records as well such has a liger having maximum length and maximum speed as well. However; critics are very much opposed about the appearance of Hercules the liger within Guinness Book of World Records.

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Hercules the Liger appeared within Guinness Book of World Records.
Hercules the Liger is the only Liger in the world to have made its appearance within Guinness Book of World Records. This picture belongs to  

Hercules the liger has a huge head size which is almost equal to 20 inches in length or 1.5 feet. This head size is as broad as the shoulders of a man and it further allows Hercules the liger as being one of the gigantic big cat in the world. Moreover; the head size of Hercules the liger is more than twice bigger than the head sizes of lions and tigers respectively. Hercules the liger also has the biggest head among all the carnivore mammals living on planet Earth. The bite intensity of Hercules the Liger the liger is also twice more than that of lions and tigers and it is all because of the huge size of its head. Moreover; this huge size also allows Hercules the liger to have bigger brains among all the big cats and most probably be the smartest big cat in the world.

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Hercules the liger has a head size equal to that of shoulder size of the man.
Head size of Hercules the liger is as equal to the shoulder length of a man. This picture belongs to  

Liger Hercules is the Healthiest and Fittest liger according to our observations. Hercules the liger has been tested on many occasions by animal experts and media people from National Geographic, and all of praised its fitness and health. However; some anti-liger campaigning people are of the opinion that ligers are prone to renal diseases, they die young, they have a small heart, they have small bones etc. But when we study and observe Hercules the liger, all such things prove out to be rumors. The same is true about the brothers of Hercules the ligers, they are also fittest and healthiest just like a normal big cat which is a very positive development for ligers indeed.

Hercules the liger is fully capable of having a Leaping Jump of more than 40 feet. Hercules the liger has a very long structure of 10 feet length, and thatís the key reason that even though Hercules the liger is 900 pounds in weight, it can still easily gain a leaping jump of more than 40 feet. This leaping jump is highest among the big cats and among the animals as bigger as Hercules. Only Cheetahs are closest within big cats that can jump as bigger as 35 feet.

Liger Hercules made a Historical Journey during 2010, when it travelled from United States of America to United Kingdomís city London (The Capital of England). It was the first instance that Hercules the liger became worldwide popular, and the event gained a huge buzz all around the world. During its travel Hercules the liger was accompanied by its Master Dr. Bhagvan Antle, Moksha Bybee and Rajani Ferrante. Hercules the liger had a photo shoot at the famous Abbey Road in London with a similar theme of Beatles of 1960s. He also had a upside photo shootout along with the Double Decker Bus of London. It was an amazing event, even though animal rights activists condemned it for no reason, as they started lessons of Hybrids and its woes (Just everything against ligers, even though Hercules the liger was showing a perfection on its visit to the London).

Hercules the liger is also a great Brand Ambassador for the Big Cats in terms of its ability to trigger preservation, awareness and fundraising for the big cats and other animals. This is not only limited for the local animals at the animal sanctuary but also it has global impact as well. There are couples of key events which make Hercules the liger as being Brand Ambassador, some of which include King Richardsí Faire, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Ligersí Visit to the London etc.

Hercules the liger has been witnessed on many occasions having a strong mating with female tabby tigers at its enclosure. But unfortunately Hercules the liger has never reproduced its own genes. Does this strongly conclude that Hercules the liger is sterile? We donít have a good answer about it yet, but one thing which we can relate here is that even though an animal is sterile, it can still show mating and sexual desires. It may even perform it as well. The same can be related with Hercules the liger as well. However; on the other hand Dr. Bhagvan Antle strongly believes that it is wrong to conclude ligers as sterile, as female ligers have successfully reproduced while male ligers can also reproduce as well. So far Hercules the liger has not given birth to any babies, and with Dr. Bhagvan Antleís experience who says that ligers are not sterile, so this debate is wide open and needs more observations for sure!

Hercules the liger has made couple of appearance at National Geographic Programs, the most popular being ďThe Super Cat/Ultimate CatĒ. National Geographic scientifically proved the power of Hercules the liger and its ability to perform and outclass other big cats such as lions and tigers. It also retrieved core valuable insights from Dr. Bhagavan Antle as well who has the maximum experience and knowledge about ligers in the world than anyone else. Overall it was another milestone achievement for Hercules the liger and its brother Sinbad the liger to make an appearance within National Geographic and surely it was a great sign for the ligers in General.

Hercules the liger as we all know is around 900 plus pounds (922 according to its owner). However; people criticize that ligers keep on growing all their lives. So does Hercules the liger has also grown all its life or its growth has ceased after a certain maturity age. The answer is yes, because Hercules the liger 3 years ago was around 900 plus pounds and as of 2014, it still weighs 900 pounds. This is enough to prove that Ligers do not grow all their lives, but rather after certain time period their growth stops. If that assumption would have been true then Hercules the liger within the span of 4 years would have most probably be around 1000 plus years age which is truly against the reality.

It will be very surprisingly fact to note that Hercules the liger is capable of speeding around 60 (Sixty) miles per hour (90 [Ninety] Kilometers per hour). Usually tigers speed around 60 miles per hour, therefore, Hercules the liger has inherited its 60 miles per hour speed from its mother (a female Siberian Tigress). Liger Herculesí 60 miles per hour speed is measured by Dr. Bhagavan Antle and his team at Parrot Jungle Island in United States. Hercules the liger can only maintain this speed for only few seconds just like all the big cats, as excessive high speed makes their nervous system to heat-up. Hercules the liger has longer legs and longer back which allows him to have powerful muscles that allows it to have bigger leaps and jumps during the process of running.

Hercules the liger lives in Miami at Jungle Island during the Winter Season. Hercules the liger loves to stay at Miami because it is its birth place and also the weather conditions during the winter season are also very much amenable and acceptable for Hercules the liger. Hercules the liger is a very popular at Miami. People always watch him whenever he comes to Miami and take a lot of Photographs of Hercules the liger. Even though Hercules is popular worldwide but it is Miami and some other cities of United States where Hercules the liger has maximum popularity.

Hercules the liger has been raised by Rajani Ferrante since it was a small cub. All the other brothers of Hercules the liger which were born in the same litter Zeus, Sinbad and Vulcan the liger were also raised by Rajani Ferrante. Rajani Ferrante has a great liger Experience of more than 15 years. Rajani Ferrante loves to swim with Hercules the liger and also loves to take walk with Hercules. Even often Hercules the liger gives Rajani Ferrante a ride on its back, which is a great photograph to watch as well. Rajani Ferrante has also been with Hercules at its London Trip and all the other major trips wherever it goes.

Moksha Bybee is also among the core members of the Ligers and Big Cat Trainers at Myrtle Beach Safari which are very closely associated with Hercules the liger. You will always find Moksha Bybee not just having a training or feeding of Hercules the liger but having a complete life a liger or any animal can imagine i.e., having swimming, selfie pictures, riding back at Hercules, Kissing, observing, Hugging, walking, running, and motivating Hercules the liger to stand on its hind legs and grabbing the meat etc.

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Moksha Bybee is a Trainer of Hercules the Liger.
Moksha Bybee is one of the key trainers associated with Hercules the liger since he was a small cub. This picture belongs to