Liger Hercules and Moksha Bybee

Moksha Bybee is a Liger Expert and she has also been Associated with Hercules the liger since he is born. Moksha works at The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (TIGERS). TIGERS is an animal sanctuary that holds the record for producing maximum numbers of ligers in the world, and Moksha Bybee is a proud worker of that Animal Sanctuary. She has a worthy and dedicated experience with Ligers and other Big Cats for more than 15 years along with Dr. Bhagavan Antle, Rajani Ferrante and China York. Just google Hercules the liger and you will always find Hercules the liger and Moksha Bybee on majority of the pictures.

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Liger Hercules and Moksha Bybee. She is a liger trainer.
Hercules the liger with its another trainer Moksha Bybee. This picture belongs to 

One thing that is very obvious from the pictures of Moksha with Hercules the liger and that is she is not just a a liger Trainer for Hercules the liger, but rather she has a very intimate and close relationship with Hercules the Liger. Making Selfies, Swimming with Hercules, Cuddling, Riding, Kissing and feeding etc. are all just key moments which chiefly define Moksha as being very close and enjoying her life with Hercules the liger. Once you just observe this, you can easily conclude that how Kind Hearted she really has been with animals, and she is enjoying her life, especially with Hercules the liger.

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Liger Hercules has a close relationship with Moksha Bybee.
Hercules the liger has a very close relationship with Moksha Bybee. This picture belongs to 

Even further; the story does not ends here, as there are more defining and once in a lifetime experiences and Events of Moksha bybee with Hercules the Liger which are yet to be mentioned within this article. Guiness Book of World Record 2014, is truly a once is a lifetime Achievement experience. Moksha Bybee has made an entry within that accolade with Hercules the liger. There are at least two photographs of Hercules the liger with Moksha Bybee at Guiness Book of World Records 2014 events collection.

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Hercules the liger with Moksha Bybee at Guinness Book of World Records.
Hercules the liger appeared on Guinness Book of World Records along with Moksha Bybee during 2014. This picture belongs to 

King Richardsí Faire, which is one of the most popular annual event that takes place in United States, also features Hercules the liger and Moksha Bybee. They both appear within Tales of the Tiger program and at that event you can easily watch Moksha Bybee with Hercules the liger as being anchor person, loving person, Trainer, Caring Person or Feeding person for Hercules the liger. She also hosts Tales of the Tigers event and also reveals certain interesting facts about Hercules the liger. Hercules has been featuring this event for almost a decade and Moksha Bybee always has her presence along with Hercules the liger.

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Liger Hercules Moksha Bybee at King Richard Faire.
Picture of Moksha Bybee with Hercules the liger at King Richards Faire. Photo Courtesy of 

Moksha Bybee also escorted Hercules the liger, during its visit to London (The first visit of a Liger to London for centuries). She especially had couple of snaps with Hercules the liger at Londonís Double Decker Bus, at Abbey Road, Londonís Underground and Londonís Black Cab with Telephone Booth as well. At Double Decker Bus she loved to feed Hercules the liger, while Hercules the liger tried to grab the meat by standing on its two hind legs. Furthermore; Bhagavan Antle, Rajani Ferrante, Kodi Antle, and China York also joined the Company of Hercules as well during its visit to London.

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Liger Hercules with Moksha Bybee at London Double Decker Bus.
Moksha Bybee Feeding Hercules the liger from the top of Double Decker Bus at London, England. Photo Courtesy of  

And lastly; at the celebration of new brother of Hercules the liger ďAries the LigerĒ, Moksha Bybee also had couple of snapshots with Hercules the liger. It was 2010, when Hercules the liger had its another brother Aries the liger, and Moksha had a lot of pictures with Hercules while carrying the little cute and cuddly Aries the Liger. Do remember that Hercules the liger also had 3 more brothers including Zeus, Vulcan and Sinbad the liger, who are still alive and are living a very healthy life at South Carolina and Miami Animal Sanctuaries in United States.

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Liger Hercules and Moksha Bybee at the the birth of Aries the liger. Aries is brother of Hercules the liger.
Moksha Bybee holding brother of Hercules the liger named as Aries the liger when it was born during 2010. Hercules is very calm with Moksha and a new born liger cub presence. This picture belongs to