Liger Hercules Size and Weight of 900 Pounds

Hercules the liger weighs around 922 Pounds! This weight of Hercules the liger is confirmed by Dr. Bhagavan Antle and other official observers and animal researchers. This weight also officially makes Hercules the liger the biggest liger so far in the current era. However; there are certain rumors that ligers keep on going throughout their lives which is very much wrong (according to our observations). Hercules the liger is a best example in this regard, as the observations and analysis about the Hercules the liger will truly indicate that ligers do not grow all their life, but they grow just like normal big cats. Ligers also have a specific and unique growth period till maturity and after maturity the growth and weight gaining process just simply ceases.

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Liger Hercules Weighs 922 Pounds.
The Weight of Hercules the Liger is 922 Pounds. This weight is demonstrated within Guinness Book of World Records as well. Photo Courtesy of 

One of the biggest evidence is that 922 pound weight of Hercules the liger has been identified during the year 2013. Before that during 2010, the same Hercules the liger was also 900 plus pounds. So according to the rumors that Ligers grow all their life in terms of their weight and size, Hercules the liger should have gained more than 950 pounds of weight at least or even more than 1000 pounds. But thatís absolutely not the case with Hercules the liger as he still weighs 900 pounds and has marginally maintained more or less the same weight which was specified about 3 and half years ago.

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Liger Hercules Stable Weight Throughout the Years. Hercules the liger has same weight all its life.
Throughout the Years Hercules the liger has maintained a Stable weight after reaching its prime age (adulthood). Hercules has proved the myth wrong that ligers grow all their lives. Photo Courtesy of 

Therefore; from this observation and example of Hercules the liger, it is not true that ligers keep on growing all their lives, but in reality it is a wrong myth. This is not only true with Hercules the liger but also many other ligers including the brother of Hercules the liger named as Sinbad the liger also weighs 900 pounds as well. It was also 900 pounds when it appeared at the National Geographicís Program Super Cat couple of years ago. Therefore it significantly proves that Ligers do not grow and gain weight all their lives, and all such criticism is just a maligning propaganda from so called Animal Rights Activists.

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Liger Hercules weight and criticism.
All the criticism about weight of Hercules the liger is absolutely a rubbish stuff and it is primarily used to malign the image of the ligers. Hercules the liger and its weight is the best example to be studied in this regards. Photo Courtesy of 

According to the Master of Hercules the liger Dr. Bhagavan Antle, he gives a very balanced and reasonable diet to Hercules the liger. He gives him daily about 30 pounds of meat and a gallon of water on average. However; he was of the opinion that Hercules the liger can eat about 100 pounds of meat in a single sitting very easily but that will make Hercules the liger as a very obese liger. So this is also another scientific proof that on normal conditions when ligers are given normal and reasonable food, they grow normally and they donít grow all their lives. And it still doesnít mean that if ligers are given more food, they keep on growing all their life, but rather they just become obese just like a scenario of any other normal living being e.g., humans, animals (cattle).

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Liger Hercules weight and diet proposed by Dr. Bhagavan Antle.
Hercules the liger has a stable and normal weight for a liger because his master Dr. Bhagavan Antle has kept Hercules the liger on a highly balanced diet. Photo Courtesy of 

Another very interesting fact about Hercules the liger is that he isnít the biggest liger ever recorded in the history. A liger in Wisconsin weighed about 1600 pounds. Thatís the case of an obese liger most probably, and still there is no indication that such a liger would have kept on growing throughout its entire lifespan. Moreover; there are many male ligers in the world that weigh less than 900 pounds. If this assumption would have been true (that ligers growth all their lives), then many ligers would have crossed 900 pounds weight mark easily, and the whole world would have seen a lot of ligers weighing 900 pounds.

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Liger Hercules 900 Pounds Weight Mark.
Hercules the Liger at 900 Pounds Weight Mark. Photo Courtesy of 

So the entire conclusion, can be refined as a vivid fact that ligers even though grow very fast (almost 1 pound a day during early life), they have still limited and confined growth after a certain age period. Even though this limited growth is twice more than lions and tigers, yet still it ceases after the maturity stage of the ligersí life. The examples of Hercules the liger and Sinbad the Liger are very much a role model scenario in this regard. Other examples include Freckles the liger which weighs around 400 plus pounds and still weighs then same, plus all the brothers of Hercules the liger who still weigh almost the same i.e., 900 pounds.

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Liger Hercules has gained one pound per day weight.
During his growing age Hercules the liger on average has gained 1 pound per day weight on daily basis for 3 years or so. Photo Courtesy of