Hercules the Liger Visited London during 2010

Hercules the liger visited London (The Capital of England) during 2010. It was almost the end of the January; with a bit of cold on a sunny day in London that Hercules the liger had a Photo Shootout along with its team coming from United States of America. This might be one of the biggest traveling by a liger in the history, as never before an adult liger had travelled that far distance. So it is one of the biggest historical achievements for a liger within ligersí history from a travelling perspective.

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Liger Hercules visited Abbey Road in London.
Hercules the Liger Visited Abbey Road London. Photo Courtesy of  

Hercules the Liger had a Photo shootout at various places in London. First it had a photo shootout at the Londonís Abbey Road. Liger walked in the same way, just like the Beatles Walked during 1960s song theme. Hercules the liger also had a Photo shootout with Londonís Double Decker Bus (1960s) and also Londonís cab as well. So overall it travelled a lot of historical places of London, thereby; making a massive bonding with historical events (Not to forget Hercules the liger also made its own history as well; here by making a historical appearance).

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Liger Hercules at London Underground.
Photo of Hercules the liger at London Underground along with its master Dr. Bhagavan Antle. Photo Courtesy of 

Hercules the liger was the first liger to visit London and United Kingdom for centuries. Last well-known event when ligers were only presented in United Kingdom were during 1799 to 1800s period. This makes a gap of almost more than two centuries for any liger to step-up in United Kingdom. Else after that there has never been any such news of liger event within United Kingdom and London in specific. Therefore; it is a huge achievement for Hercules the liger. In United Kingdom, there has been no evidence of crossbreeding of male lion and female tigers, so ligers are never born in United Kingdom.

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Liger Hercules with Rajani Ferrante during its visit to London.
Picture of Hercules the Liger with Rajani Rajani Ferrante at London. Photo Courtesy of 

Upon reaching London, there was a huge news buzz of Hercules the liger within United Kingdom, in United States and all around the world. The whole world documented and referred to this event, and people cheered it a lot. It was a viral buzz online as well; as all the major news sources quoted this event within their online information sources. One more thing that can be associated with this fact that over the years it is very common for Hercules the liger to make a News Buzz because of its appearance, or its own physical characteristic, and in the current case, Hercules the liger has made a News buzz because of its travelling.

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Liger Hercules News Buzz during its London Visit.
Hercules the Liger made a huge News Buzz upon reaching London. Photo Courtesy of 

Along with Hercules the liger; other team members which visited London included its Master Dr. Bhagavan Antle, Rajani Ferranti, Moksha Bybee, China York and notably Kody Antle. All of these individuals are very dedicated individuals who have raised Hercules the liger and its other Liger brothers and cared them a lot. All of them are a professional animal trainer, which guarantees the ultimate care of such of a big cat and its fellow big cats as well.

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Liger Hercules London Visit along with Team Members.
All the team members who have trained Hercules the liger, also visited along with Hercules. Photo Courtesy of