Liger Hercules at Miami Florida

Hercules the Liger lives in Miami (Winter Season) Animal Sanctuary named as Parrot Jungle Island. Hercules has been living in Miami for more than a decade. The animal sanctuary at which Hercules the liger lives caters all of its needs and requirements. Many other big cats of different kinds also live in that animal sanctuary including Siberian Tigers, Lions and Cheetahs etc. Hercules is a calm and peaceful big cat and he is very tolerant about the other animals at the animal sanctuary. At Miami Hercules the liger shares its cage with two Tabby Tigers who are very friendly indeed with Hercules the liger.

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Liger Hercules lives in Miami Florida. He lives there during the winter season.
Liger Hercules lives in Miami, Florida during the winter season. Photo Courtesy of 

Miami is also the hometown (After South Carolina). Hercules the liger frequently visits Miami from South Carolina. Since the birth of Hercules the liger and its brothers all of these ligers are raised at the Miami Animal Sanctuary (Jungle Island) and their notable trainers include Dr. Bhagavan Antle, Rajani Ferrante, Moksha Bybee and China York. Dr. Bhagavan Antle has more than 30 years of experience with the big cats and that also includes ligers as well. He has raised dozens of ligers in his life so far and expects to raise a lot more.

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Miami is also the Hometown of Hercules the liger after South Carolina.
Miami is also the hometown for Hercules the liger after South Carolina as it regularly visits there each year and lives there for couple of months. Photo Courtesy of 

Currently Hercules the liger only shares its Miami residence during the winter season. At summers and fall seasons Hercules the liger moves to other cities. Miami during the winter seasons still offers a lot of visitors and good weather, therefore; this is a core reason that Hercules the liger stays in Miami during the winter seasons. The weather remains good, the big cat remains calm and less irritated, therefore; all goes well for Hercules the liger for spending its winter at Miami. Switching cities is not a problem for Hercules the liger as he always shows a very calm and cool temperament during traveling and switching places.

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Liger Hercules loves Miami Weather during winter season.
Hercules the liger loves Miami weather. Photo Courtesy of 

Hercules the liger is very popular at Miami. Hercules holds a Celebrity Reputation in Miami and people always watch him whenever he moves to Miami and take his Photographs. Even though he is already a famous well-known big cat all around the world but within United States especially within Miami and some other cities Hercules the liger holds a very high rate of popularity. People appreciate its attributes and pay a great tribute and respect for this big cat. Almost everyone visiting Miami Animal Sanctuary (Jungle Island) wants to see Hercules the liger during the winter and wants to take its Photograph. A very popular Photograph includes a pose in which Hercules sits back at the large stool while people sit in front of him at some distance having Herculesí in the background of the Photograph.

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Liger Hercules is very popular at Miami.
Hercules the liger is very popular at Miami. Majority of animal lovers at Miami know about Hercules the liger. Photo Courtesy of 

Even though it is very convenient for Hercules the liger to switch places every now and then, but Miami seems to be the favorite place of Hercules the liger. The pleasant winter weather and healthy conditions, always allow this big cat a very happy cat indeed. Therefore; during the winters, Hercules the liger is always transferred to Miami. He loves to swim, run and meet with other big cats especially its other liger brothers including Vulcan and Zeus the liger.

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Liger Hercules loves traveling to Miami to meet its brother Vulcan the liger.
Hercules the liger loves traveling to Miami especially meeting with its other liger brothers i.e., Vulcan the liger. Photo Courtesy of