Hercules the Liger Weighs 900 Pounds

Liger Hercules weighs more than 900 pounds (409 Kilograms or 65 Stones). The latest estimates of 2013 have indicated that Hercules the liger is 922 pounds. Hercules the liger has gained this weight during the first 4 years of its life, and has maintained this weight even when now it is more than 10 years old as of 2013. 900 Pounds of weight is a very normal weight for a liger, however; for any other big cat in the world right now; this weight of 900 pounds seems almost an unlikely feature to possess. All the present day big cats such as lions, tigers and jaguars etc.all weigh on average less than half the weight of Hercules the Liger. Siberian Tigers are known to gain more than 600 Pounds of weight, but that happened in very rare circumstances.

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Hercules the liger weighs 922 Pounds.
Weighing 900 Pounds, Hercules the liger is the biggest among all the big cats and among ligers. This picture belongs to  

Even if Hercules the liger is compared with the combined weight of its parents (African Lion and Female Tiger), he is still much heavier than its parents. According to Dr. BhagavanAntle, Hercules the liger had more than 900 pounds of weight, while its parents a male lion and a female tiger together weigh nearly 800 pounds. Still Hercules the liger is 100 pounds heavier than the combined weight of its parents. It also means that Ligers always weigh more than the combined weight of their parents.

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Hercules the liger weighs more than the combined weights of its parents.
Hercules the liger is bigger than the combined weight of its parents. The weight of Hercules the liger is around 922 Pounds, while on the other hand its parents reach a combined weight of around 800 pounds. This picture belongs to  

This weight of more than 900 pounds for Hercules the liger is also very significant, because this weight in no-way enforces Hercules the liger to be an overweight or an obese liger. But rather this all seems to be a natural stuff for Hercules the Liger as this weight fully matches and integrates with the height, length, legs’ sizes, ribs and hind legs etc. If this weight of 900 Pounds would have been an overweight scenario for Hercules the liger, he would have showed lazy and resistive movement while running or walking. But no such case has been recorded with Hercules the liger throughout its life.

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Hercules the Liger has a Normal Weight.
Hercules the liger has a fully Normal Weight and there is no abnormality or obesity in possessing this much amount of Weight for him. Photo courtesy of 

Contrary to the above mentioned discussion, Hercules the liger is much stronger, fully active and shows a very prompt and quick behavior. Furthermore; Hercules the liger loves to swim, prefers to run and even jumps as well to show his jubilation at times after seeing its masters, favorite animal mates or its favorite food. This truly proves that this 900 plus pounds of weight for Hercules the liger is meant for a complete display of pure hybrid vigor.

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Weight of Hercules the liger shows a pure vigor of a liger.
The Weight of Hercules the Liger represents a pure Vigor. This picture belongs to 

Another very important fact to study here is that the 900 pound weight seems very rare within carnivore animals in the natural environment. Among this group of animals; only Bears (even though omnivores) weigh more than 900 pounds, therefore; it is very significant that ligers with possession of 800 to 1200 pounds of weight will easily be the biggest carnivore mammals living on planet earth. Therefore; it wouldn’t be wrong to consider Hercules the liger as the biggest carnivore mammal in the world.

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Liger Hercules Weight allows him to be biggest carnivore animal in the world.
The 900 Pound Weight of Hercules the Liger also makes it the biggest Carnivore mammal in the world. Photo Courtesy of 

Hercules the liger is not the first liger to achieve more than 900 pounds. His brothers Sinbad the liger and Zeus the liger also weighed more than 900 pounds. Even a liger in Wisconsin weighed more than 1600 pounds. The owner and caretaker of Hercules the liger, Dr. BhagavanAntle says that Hercules the liger is not in the Guinness Book of world record because it weighs 900 pounds, but rather his huge size and massive appearance along with so many unique attributes is what that allows Hercules the liger to be a part of Guinness Book of World Records. Moreover; Dr. BhagavanAntle was also of the opinion that Hercules the liger has already made too many records and it does not have to make a weight record to be within Guinness Book of World Records.

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Liger Hercules heaveist weight record of more than 900 Pounds.
Along with the Weight Record of more than 900 Pounds, Hercules the liger has made several other records as well.